There are two common issue when retrieving a file from a mounted dataset. 

Mount directory location

The mount directories specified from the floyd-cli  are created in root directory and not in the current working directory.

e.g. this command: floyd run --data alice/dataset/my-data:my-data will mount the dataset my-data in the path /my-data or /floyd/input/my-data  (not in ./my-data  or my-data  which is relative to the current working directory)!

Mount directory navigation

If you are facing issue at determine the path to the folder or file of interest inside your dataset, you can use the Input Data Tab to help you at figure it out the file path as showed in the picture above.

Note: the home (in the file navigation) is a placeholder for the mount directory, in this case, the full path would be /mydata/dogs/135.jpg or /floyd/input/mydata/dogs/135.jpg .

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