You can use official kaggle-api client (which is already pre-installed in all our environments) to download any Kaggle dataset directly to a FloydHub Workspace. You'll need to add your Kaggle API key to each Workspace on FloydHub in order to use the kaggle-api. This guide walks through the steps:

  • From your Kaggle account (<username>/account) you need to create a token ( a small JSON file with contents that look something like this: {"username":"your_kaggle_username","key":"your_kaggle_api_key"}) and set the respective field as environment variables inside your Workspace Terminal by running these commands: 
$ export KAGGLE_USERNAME=your_kaggle_username
$ export KAGGLE_KEY=your_kaggle_api_key
  • That's it! Your Kaggle API is now configured, and you're ready to use the kaggle-api command line tool. You can now download the dataset using the kaggle  command described in the dataset page:
  • You will find the dataset in zip archive in the /root/.kaggle  folder. Feel free to move this new dataset back to your /floyd/home  directory if you'd like to persist it between Workspace sessions. 
  • Pro tip -- you can also upload the Kaggle dataset as a FloydHub dataset from the Workspace by following these steps.
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