You can setup Slack notifications to receive alerts on your FloydHub jobs. You will receive a notification when:

  • Job completes successfully

  • Idle Jupyter job is shutdown automatically

  • Job is manually shutdown

  • Job failed, i.e. error in code, timeout, or insufficient powerup credits

Steps to create an incoming webhook in your SlackΒΆ

  1. Create an incoming webhook in your Slack app here.

  2. Click Add Configuration.

  3. Select the channel that you want to post the notifications. Click Add Incoming Webhooks integration.

  4. Scroll down to Integration Settings. Copy the Webhook URL (don't worry about the other settings, we'll handle it).

  5. Make sure to click on Save Settings.

  6. In Floydhub, go to Notifications settings, paste in the Slack webhook url, and click Save.

  7. Click Test to receive your first Slack notification! Going forward, you should receive notifications for all jobs you run on FloydHub.

For more information on configuring webhooks in Slack, please see Slack's help page.

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