Floyd CLI can be installed on any system that has Python installed on it. Some of our users on Windows run into some login issues. While we are working on solutions to fix these problems, here are some quick work arounds so you can continue working on FloydHub!

I get "Invalid Token" error on my Windows 10 machine when I run floyd login

If you are using Windows command shell, there is an issue with pasting the token using the standard Ctrl + V shortcut. You need to use the Shell's Edit menu to paste the token. After copying the token from the browser, right click on the top bar of the command shell and select Edit -> Paste. See image below:

How to Paste the Token in the Command Prompt

For more info see our documentation page.

I still get the "Invalid Token" error after trying the above suggestion.

In some windows shells (like Git Bash) there is an extra space added to the token field before you paste the token. So you need to hit Backspace and clear out the field before pasting the token. So the steps are:

1. Type floyd login in the console.

2. From the FloydHub web page, select the token and click on the "Copy to clipboard" button.

3. In the console, hit "backspace" a few times to remove the extra characters from the token login prompt request.

4. Right click on the menu bar, and select "Edit", and then "Paste"

5. Then press "Enter"

You should be able to login successfully now. If it's still not working, please give it a try on Powershell.

Is there any other way to login using the CLI?

Yes! You can try to login using your username and password combination:

  1. Run floyd login -u <your_username> 

2. Type your password in the hidden field (before this, hit "backspace" a couple of time just to make sure to clean the field)

3. If everything goes well, you should see this output:

Login Successful as <your_username>

We hope that this article solves your authentication issue, otherwise, as always ping us on Intercom, we'll be happy to solve your problem soon as possible!

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