Let's take a look at the plans available on FloydHub

Beginner / Free Plan

If you're just getting started with deep learning, the Beginner plan is for you. It is free! You can create unlimited public projects and datasets, and can run 1 job at a time. It comes with 20 hours of CPU compute time when you sign up  and 10 GB of storage.

You get a one-time 2 hour free GPU credit to try out the GPU instance. You can then purchase computing and/or storage powerups from your settings page to supplement your plan.

Data Scientist Plan

The Data Scientist plan is for, well, data scientists. It offers unlimited private projects/datasets, higher levels of job concurrency (up to 8) and 100 GB of storage. 

You can also purchase computing and/or storage powerups from your setting page to supplement your plan.

Teams Plan

Teams Plan is targeted towards a team of data scientists and engineers with a focus towards collaboration. If you are interested in this plan reach out to us.

What Have I to do if I want to set a custom plan?

You can contact support either via Intercom (chat bubble you see on every page in the bottom right) or via email (send it to [email protected]), explaining what are your needs and we will set up the best plan for you.

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