How much FloydHub cost for me?

Unfortunately, there isn't a clear answer, since the type of usage, even for beginners is not something well defined.

You can sign in the Beginner/Free Plan which is completely free, moreover, as a new user you will get a free 2 hour GPU Powerup(after card verification), these credits are valid for 1 years (as for powerups) and are offered to evaluate the service.

In this way, you can try our service and understand if it is a good fit for your workflow. Not to mention that our plan follows the 'pay as you go' format, this means that you can purchase computing and storage powerups from your setting page according to your needs/resources.

For more information about our plans:

Do you support enterprises?

Yes, we do. Please contact us and let us know your needs and we can set up a plan for you.

Where can I start?

The best place where to start after you have signed in a Plan is following the quick-start guide. It shows you how to run your first project on FloydHub.

We've recently introduced Workspaces - you can try out FloydHub without installing the CLI.

Also explore our Docs and check out the Forum.

If you are looking for cool projects and datasets on FloydHub, you can check out the Templates page.

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